TDVL Singapore Taxi Driver
Vocational Licence Simulator

Singapore's TDVL Companion

Want to be a Taxi Driver in Singapore? This app will get you there!

TDVL Taxi Driver Vocational Licence Exam Simulator helps TDVL students in Singapore study and prepare for all 4 exam modules by offering a simulation experience of the actual iPad examination conducted by LTA. This app covers everything you need to pass your exam.

All Modules Included

Module 1: Taxi Service Overview & Road Safety
Module 2: Taxi Rules, Regulations & VLPS
Module 3: Locate Destination
Module 4: Plan Routes

Watch Route Videos

TDVL Exam Module 4 consists of 40 Taxi Routes. To make learning more enjoyable, watch any of these video routes at your own pace and time. Simply convenient!

What is TDVL?

Taxi Driver Vocational Licence (TDVL) is a requirement by LTA to ensure that drivers in Singapore are properly trained. They also bring an improved professional image to the different professions. To be eligible, you must first undergo the TDVL Training Course and pass the TDVL Examination.

Exam Requirements

Module 1: 50 Questions, Score 40 to Pass
Module 2: 50 Questions, Score 43 to Pass
Module 3: 50 Questions, Score 41 to Pass
Module 4: 30 Questions, Score 24 to Pass


Good app to prepare for the TDVL license.

- TDVL Student, Singapore

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